bullet The Late Great USA: The Coming War with Iran.
bulletThe Late Great USA: The Coming War with Iran is an expedition into the relatively unexplored terrain of Bible prophecy.
bulletIts quest is to find the place of the United States in the writings of the prophets.
bulletFind out how accurately the prophet Daniel from 2500 years ago, and the book of Revelation from 2000 years ago, pinpoint the current US-Iran conflict.
bulletIs this the front page of today's newspaper, or a prophecy written millenia ago?
bulletHow do you explain such clairvoyance?

God uses images like cartoons in the prophetic books of the Bible. 

What do they mean? 

The Bible says prophecy is a light in the darkness ... got light?


The current administration in the US is demonizing Iran. Our top generals are all anti-Iran. They are giving warnings about Iran's nuclear capabilities.  You can hear the saber-rattling!!

The Bible warns about this coming war... The consequences will be... well, read on...

bulletMillions of Christians deceived?
bulletThe abomination of desolation  
bulletDaniel 8 
bulletRevelation 13 is related to Daniel 8.
bulletRevelation 17 dovetails with Rev. 13 and Daniel 8.  Get the text of this study in an email...
bulletPrinciples of Bible Interpretation.  Ten principles to help the Bible come alive for you.
bullet Are you ready?
bulletDaniel 7
bulletThe Secret Time of Jesus' Birth
bulletSearch the Bible-- Study Tool

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